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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Whether you are looking for a successor for one of your key positions, want to expand your team or seek to outsource recruitment processes – our services are tailored to your needs:

Executive Search

A search project designed to fill one or more specified roles. Detailed market screening combined with intensive headhunting guarantee a comprehensive overview and ensure that the best candidate is found within a pre-defined time period.

Contingency Search

Suitable if you continuously require access to candidates with certain specific qualifications or would like to round off your HR marketing and recruitment activities with a consultant’s expertise.

Advertised Search

We will manage the entire campaign process including creating and placing adverts, pre-selecting the most suitable candidates and providing consultation and support to those involved throughout the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Inhouse Recruitment

Suitable if you require temporary support for your recruiting team or would like to outsource specific processes or projects.